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International Transport Solutions


Transformer 205 to for project Vianden M11

During the weekend of 12 to 15 octobre 2012, we transported the transformer for the extension of the pump-storage electricity central of Vianden (project M11). For the transport of the 205-to-transformer, a 20 axle modular trailer and 3 trucks were used. The total dimensions of the transport were 5350 x 375 x 525 cm, 349 to. In addition, our enlarged fly-over-bridge was used.

Transport of 376-to-transformer from Bergkamen to Nürnberg

In July / August 2010, we transported a 376-to-transformer from Bergkamen to Nürnberg. The transformer had been damaged by a lightning strike a week before the transport and needed to be revised at Siemens Nürnberg.

Project Estinnes: Handling, storage & transport of 800 heavy loads

Starting February 2009, we have been responsible for the transport of tower segments and machinery pieces for the wind farm Estinnes in Belgium. 11 wind turbines of the type Enercon E-126 will be constructed. In total, 800 heavy loads will have to be transported to the construction site. We take over the pieces on our quay in Charleroi (B) where we organize the unloading of the river barges, the intermediate storage as well as the reloading on our trucks and the transport to the construction site.

Moving the world's largest gas turbine to Irsching

On it's 4-day journey, the transport with a total weight of 750 tons had to pass steep roads with gradients up to 9%. To pass these sections, a 30-axle modular trailer with an integrated self-propelled module was used.

Transformers and generators

We transport transformers, generators, gas turbines and components for power plants on a regular basis – be it pure road transport or pre- and onward-carriage. We also take care of canal boat or roll-on roll-off transports and offer complete transportation solutions. In this business area, load weights up to several hundred tons are commonplace.

Transport of 5 complete windpower installations to the Bretagne

We took care of the complete transport of an entire wind power park with 5 turbines from Eastern Germany to the South of the Bretagne in France: Pre-carriage, loading on a vessel, unloading and onward-carriage to the construction site.

5M - The most powerful wind turbine from REpower

Together with a partner from Multilift, we have transported the nacelles of one of largest and most powerful wind turbines in the world. Because of the restricted space at the temporary storage place, we use a 16-axle self-propelled modular trailer. The nacelles were loaded using the hydraulic system of the trailer and transported to the port via road. From there, our partner took them to the offshore construction site.

Olkiluoto power station: Engineering and execution of heavy transports 2 x 530 + 2 x 385 to

End of the year 2008, we carried out the transport of two generators (530 to each) and two rotors (385 to each) to the power station of Olkiluoto (Finland). For this project we did not only execute the transport itself but were also responsible for the complete engineering of the transport.