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Olkiluoto power station: Engineering and execution of heavy transports 2 x 530 + 2 x 385 to

End of the year 2008, we carried out the transport of two generators (530 to each) and two rotors (385 to each) to the power station of Olkiluoto (Finland). For this project we did not only execute the transport itself but were also responsible for the complete engineering of the transport.

The transport of the two rotors (1924 x 780 x 715 cm, 385 to each) and 3 weeks later the two generators 1347 x 528 x 490 cm, 530 to each) was executed using a 12 axle double row SPMT.

The heavy components were first loaded on the SPMT using the cranes of the heavy lift vessel. The SPMT itself was positioned on a pontoon alongside the vessel. After the rigging of the load, the pontoon moved to a jetty near the project site, from where the components were moved to the final destination where they were unloaded.

Our transport engineering included:
- rigging on the trailer and the pontoon
- ballasting of the pontoon (very important given the total weight of more than 1000 to loaded
- calculation of the ramps and the jetty

Technical drawing generator
Technical drawing rotor