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Project Estinnes: Handling, storage & transport of 800 heavy loads

Starting February 2009, we have been responsible for the transport of tower segments and machinery pieces for the wind farm Estinnes in Belgium. 11 wind turbines of the type Enercon E-126 will be constructed. In total, 800 heavy loads will have to be transported to the construction site. We take over the pieces on our quay in Charleroi (B) where we organize the unloading of the river barges, the intermediate storage as well as the reloading on our trucks and the transport to the construction site.
Depending on the type of piece to be transported, total transport dimensions can reach up to 6,00 m wide, 5,50 m high and 40,00 m long. With 4 to 6 trucks, we drive between the port and the construction site on a daily basis. In total, 30.000 to will be transported this way.