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Transport of a huge tank from Kleve to Ludwigshafen

In May 2009, we carried out the transport of a huge tank from Kleve to Ludwigshafen. The dimensions of the tank (4850 x 740 x 785 cm, 225 to) made a continuous road transport impossible. The major part of the transport was carried out by RoRo barge instead.

Transport of a column from Fürstenwalde to Schkopau

Because of the special shape of the column (large diameter at the bottom end, small diameter at the top end), the front part of the cargo was loaded into one end of our lift lever vessel bridge, whereas the bottom part was placed on a turntable on a 6-axle bogie. By this, the total height of the transport could be kept as low as possible.

Transport of 2 reactors 750 t each

In December 2008, two reactors of 750 t each were transportet from Coek in Geel to our heavy-lift terminal in Geel / Westerlo. The transport was carried out using an 18-axle double width trailer with integrated SPMT module.

The biggest difficulty of the transport was the crossing of the E313 motorway, where two steep ramps had to be used.