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International Transport Solutions

Construction parts

Transport of a gigantic turbine, 220 to

In April 2009, this huge turbine (24m long, 12 m wide, 7 m high, 220 to) was transported from the production facilities to a quay on the river Meuse in Seilles (B). The transport was carried out using a 16-axle modular trailer with SPMT.

Heating modules Italy

RoRo-loading of 3 heating modules (250 tons each, height 25 m) including accessories in Italy

60 huge tubes from Bitburg to Rotterdam

The task: Transport 60 huge tubes measuring each up to 12,50 m x 5,80 m x 5,40 m from Bitburg/Staffelstein to Rotterdam/Maasvlakte. For such dimensions, the only possible transportation mode is to use waterways.

Le Creusot - Antwerp (15 x 130 to)

Between January and June 2009, we carried out the transport of 15 steel shells of 130 tons each between Le Creusot (F) and Antwerp (B). We were able to realize a continuous road transport thanks to our specialized equipment.