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Eemshaven project

In 2012, we transported 3 huge coal loading installations in Eemshaven. The transports measured up to 50 m long and 15 m high.

Heilbronn - Heidenheim: Cylinder 108 to

In November 2010, we transported a cylinder of 108 to, 5,35 m in diameter, from Heilbronn to Heidenheim.

Eguelshard - Drulingen: Cement mill 198 to

In November 2009, we realized the transport of a cement mill, 198 to, from Eguelshard to Drulingen in France. Given the large diameter of the load (6 m) and the resulting position of the centre of gravity, a 3-file trailer was used for the transport.

Industrial presses

Between April and July 2010, we transported 2 industrial presses, composed of 12 pieces each, from Erfurt to Hamburg. The presses were trucked to the interior port of Aken, from where they continued their journey on a river barge.

Overhead crane

Convoy transport of an overhead crane (2 x 110 tons capacity) from Köthen to Linz

The Transrapid travels its first meters on the road

The Transrapid - a miracle of technology – and that’s how it had to be handled. The magnetic levitation train measuring 27,20 x 3,70 x 3,70 m was loaded on the trailer with special care. We used 2 extendible vessel bridges assembled back-to-back to create loading surface with a length of 50 m. This way, we could bring the train safely to the port for further shipment to Shanghai.

7 trucks in a convoy through France

Convoy of 7 trucks through France with loads weighing up to 140 t and measuring up to 5.20 wide and 4.40 m high.

Crane for the Dillinger Hütte

In May 2010, we carried out the transport of a crane for the steel plant in Dillingen / Germany. The 6 pieces of the crane, the largest one measuring 37 m long and 128 to, were transported by truck from Köthen / Germany to the interior port in Aken. There, they were loaded into barges that brought the pieces to the port of Dillingen. The last kilometres to the steel plan were then done by truck again.