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Moving the world's largest gas turbine to Irsching

On it's 4-day journey, the transport with a total weight of 750 tons had to pass steep roads with gradients up to 9%. To pass these sections, a 30-axle modular trailer with an integrated self-propelled module was used.

Moving the largest and the most powerful gas turbine from Berlin to Irsching in Bavaria was a real logistic masterstroke. The transport group “Multilift” was entrusted to transport all parts destined for the power plant in Irsching. However, the precondition for this was that the heaviest part - a gas turbine measuring nearly 6 m in width - would have sufficient supporting surface and a certain axle load would not be exceeded. The permitted route, however, was too narrow to combine two heavy-duty modules side by side.

Fortunately, P. Adams, a member of the Multilift-Group, disposes of so-called split modules. The advantage of these split modules is that they can be splitted in the longitudinal direction resulting in a platform with 3 pendular axles, side by side, and a vehicle width of 4.900 mm. This enabled to meet all requirements of the permit without any problems.
To cover the first section of the transport route, the gas turbine was carried by a push barge train up to the goods harbour of Kelheim/Saal. Here, the turbine of approximately 500 tons was reloaded onto the 30-axle heavy-duty modular system which was already provided.

Since no federal roads or highways could be used due to the total combination weight of 750 tons and the overall height of 7 m, the transport wound its way through country roads along the Danube. The first section was covered during the night as a long time-slot enabling the convoy to pass a railroad crossing was only available at that time. For this, it was necessary to cut all overhead lines.

The next section of transport was carried out during the day. Already on the first day, one of the most difficult sections, a driving uphill, approximately 5,5 km long, should be covered. Very characteristic was the 1,5 km section with a gradient of 8-9%. The transportation team of ADAMS therefore decided to integrate a self-propelled heavyduty module with PowerPack into the 30-axle combination as a back-up drive for the two 600 hp tractors to pull and to push.

All of the next transport sections were covered during the day - in due time. The convoy reached the power station in Irsching, near Ingolstadt, within 4 days.

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