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The construction industry is crucial for growth and development in all parts of our society. We support this essential industry with our specialised transport services by ensuring the reliable and safe transport of construction machinery and components for bridge construction.

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Transporting construction machinery

Transporting construction machinery

Our expertise in the transport of construction machinery includes the transport of new and used equipment of all types and sizes. We cover the entire spectrum – from compact 15-tonne excavators transported on semi low-loaders to large machines on drop decks or crawler decks for loads weighing over 100 tonnes. Our daily journeys across Europe to the North Sea ports are testament to our reliability and our commitment to meeting the needs of the construction industry.

Transport of bridge sections

Transport of bridge sections

When it comes to new bridge construction, we are your dependable partner for transporting long and heavy structural sections. We support our customers right from the planning phase with our specialised equipment and extensive experience.

This includes preparing the transport route and providing advice on planning component sizes and their transportability, as well as determining support points, centres of gravity and load securing. Our aim is to provide precise planning and execution in order to ensure a smooth transport process that supports the time- and cost-efficient execution of your construction projects.

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