We have the equipment and expertise required for the professional unloading and installation of heavy and special transport loads, such as transformers. Our team specialises in performing complex assembly work to ensure the safe and efficient installation of your goods.

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Installation - Equipment
Stage lift system - Equipment

Stage lift system

Our stage lift system from Enerpac makes it possible to lift and lower heavy loads precisely in confined spaces, such as in buildings or on ships, where cranes cannot be used.

A computer-controlled, synchronous control system allows loads to be raised or lowered incrementally in 10 cm steps at four points, with a capacity of up to 160 tonnes per lifting point, giving a total load capacity of up to 640 tonnes.

Skidding system - Equipment

Skidding system

We use our skidding system to move transformers precisely onto and off foundations without rails. The transformer is placed on two Teflon-coated skidding tracks and pulled or pushed by hydraulic cylinders. The system is suitable for transformers weighing up to 250 tonnes, allowing flexible and efficient transport within the installation sites.

Lifting gantrys - Equipment

Lifting gantrys

Thanks to our co-operation with Multilift, we have access to a wide range of lifting gantrys in a variety of weight classes. These are primarily used to unload and position heavy loads such as transformers with a high degree of precision. Our lifting gantrys allow complex assembly work to be performed safely and efficiently.