Special semi-trailers

Our fleet has a variety of transport options for transporting self-propelled machines such as excavators, drilling rigs and road vehicles, as well as static loads.

With a range of special semi-trailers, our vehicle fleet offers flexible transport solutions for a wide range of loads – from self-propelled machines such as excavators and drilling rigs to road vehicles and static loads.

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Special semi-trailers - Equipment
Semi-trailers - Equipment


Our fleet comprises a variety of semi-trailers designed to transport loads weighing up to 80 tonnes. Thanks to their flexibility, these trailers are suitable for a wide range of applications and can transport loads up to 30 metres in length, making them ideal for a variety of different types of load.

Drop-deck semi-trailers - Equipment

Drop-deck semi-trailers

We are ideally equipped for transporting goods with a big load height with our large selection of drop-deck trailers, which can carry payloads of up to 80 tonnes. The option of using extension beams expands our capacity for transporting long and high loads such as containers, boilers or pre-fabricated housing modules to ensure safe and efficient transportation.

Flat-deck semi-trailers - Equipment

Flat-deck semi-trailers

Various flat-deck semi-trailers are available for transporting particularly long loads of up to 50 metres in length. These special trailers offer a flexible solution for transporting overlength loads because they can be adapted to the specific length of the load.