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Heavy-duty modules

For the transport of heavy loads, our fleet includes more than 100Goldhofer axles and the necessary accessories for extremely long, high or wide loads (Drop-deck, flat bed, crawler deck, vessle bridges and long load bolsters). On top of that, the entire equipment can be combined with the self-propelled module. With this equipment, it is possible to handle transports with a payload up to 1400 to.

The axle modules are heavy-duty modules with 8 wheels per axle and a width of 3,00 m. The following modules are available:

THP-ST (maximum technical axle load: 34 to)
- 2 6-axle modules (these can be split in 2 lengthwise)
- 1 5-axle module
- 4 4-axle modules (of which one can be split lengthwise)
- 3 3-axle modules
- 1 2-axle module

THP-MT (low deadweight - maximum technical axle load: 25 to)
- 1 5-axle module
- 1 3-axle module
- 1 2-axle-module

THP-UT (low loading height 85 cm - maximum technical axle load: 25 to)
- 1 6-axle module
- 1 4-axle module
- 1 3-axle module

THP-ET (4 wheels per axle-  low dead weight - maximum technical axle load: 25 to)
- 2 2-axle modules
- 3 3-axle modules
- 2 4-axle modules
- 1 5-axle module (with excavator through)
The modules can be combined lengthwise with each other as well as with the self-propelled module. It’s also possible to combine the modules in parallel (double width or 1 + 0,5 combination). This allows to adapt axle loads, width and length of the trailer to the load and the route of the transport.