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International Transport Solutions

Special equipment


During the transport of certain heavy components, the total weight of the transport is not compatible with the capacity of certain bridges on the transport route. For those situations, we dispose of a fly-over bridge system from Greiner. With this system, bridges with a length up to 40 m can be crossed.

Stage lift system

To lift or lower heavy components in a limited space (such as inside a ship or a building), we can rely on our stage lift system from Enerpac. This equipment ca be used when the use of cranes is not possible any more due to the total weight of the load or the limited space available.

Jacking & skidding system

With the skidding system, it is possible to install transformers on foundations without rails. The transformer is placed on two Teflon coated skidding tracks and then pushed or pulled onto the foundations with hydraulic cylinders.