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Heavy-duty modules

For the transport of heavy loads, our fleet includes more than 100Goldhofer axles and the necessary accessories for extremely long, high or wide loads (Drop-deck, flat bed, crawler deck, vessle bridges and long load bolsters). On top of that, the entire equipment can be combined with the self-propelled module. With this equipment, it is possible to handle transports with a payload up to 1400 to.

Crawler deck, drop-deck and flat bed

For the transport of construction equipment, we have several crawler decks and a drop-deck that can be combined with the heavy-duty modules. Both make it possible to reach a low loading height – track-laying vehicles can be transported with only 10 to 15 cm ground clearance. For the transport of industrial equipment (presses, transformers, etc.) our twoflat beds is particularly adapted – here again, low loading heights are possible.

Vessel bridges

For especially high loads up to 150 to, we have two vessel bridges. With these, it is possible to lower the load to a ground clearance of a few centimers only, allowing to pass e.g. problematic bridges.

Long load equipment

We also have the necessary equipment for extremely long and heavy loads. The long-load bolsters can be used for self-supporting loads with such dimensions (e.g. destillation columns for the petrochemical industry). They are mounted on two separate bogies which are connected only by the load itself.

Tower adapters

For the transport of wind turbine tower sections, we can offer 2 pairs of tower adapters that can be used in combination with our Goldhofer axle modules.