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Heavy-lift quays

Heavy lift quay / RoRo-ramp in Geel / Westerlo

Near the Belgian towns Geel and Westerlo on the Albert Channel, we are working on one of the first dedicated special terminals in Europe for the handling of heavy lift and project cargoes. The installation entered operations in 2002. It is situated favourably and is suited for intermodal heavy lift operations involving coastal and inland shipping, road and railway carriage.

On the heavy lift quay, we have the possibility to temporarily store the project cargo before or after inland shipping. On a surface of 4.000 m², it is for instance possible to store several complete wind power installations before transporing the pieces one by noe to the final destination.

Heavy lift quay Charleroi

In the port of Charleroi, we operate a heavy lift quay with 200 m quay wall and 4.500 m² storage surface. The premises are suited for craning and storage of heavy components with up to 100 to unit weight. The geographical position of the port allows for transports to Belgium and Northern France.