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08/02/2018: innovative equipment for rotor blades

As of today, we can offer our clients two innovative systems for the transport of wind turbine blades:

- a "blade lifter" for the transport of blades on narrow or difficult roads. This tool can be integrated both into a self-propelled Trailer (SPMT) and a "classic" modular trailer with a pulling truck. It can lift the blades up to an angle of 60° to swing over obstacles such as houses or trees. The system has a lifting capacity of 500 tonne-meters which allows to transport even the biggest on-shore blades on the market today

- a lifting system for our rotor blade tele trailers which allows to lift up the tip of the blade up to 15 m above the ground level. This can strongly reduce the sometimes very high costs for removal of street furniture on longer distances

More Information can be obtained upon request.