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Transformer 205 to for project Vianden M11

During the weekend of 12 to 15 octobre 2012, we transported the transformer for the extension of the pump-storage electricity central of Vianden (project M11). For the transport of the 205-to-transformer, a 20 axle modular trailer and 3 trucks were used. The total dimensions of the transport were 5350 x 375 x 525 cm, 349 to. In addition, our enlarged fly-over-bridge was used.

During the transport, a multitude of difficulties had to be overcome:
- numerous gradients up to 12M
- 2 changes in vehicle configuration (from 16 to 20 axles and back)
- crossing of the A1 motorway to avoid a weak bridge
- installation of a fly-over-bridge in Diekirch (total length 53 m)
- serpentine road between Hosingen and Rodershausen
- installation of a fly-over-bridge in Obereisenbach
- entry of the transport in the cavern tunnel

After months of detailed planning and thanks to a perfect collaboration between the Ministry of Transport, the department of Roads & Bridges, the Luxembourg Police and our personnel, the timing could be fully respected and the transport carried out successfully, under the observation of numerous bystanders and heavy transport fans.