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Transport of a huge tank from Kleve to Ludwigshafen

In May 2009, we carried out the transport of a huge tank from Kleve to Ludwigshafen. The dimensions of the tank (4850 x 740 x 785 cm, 225 to) made a continuous road transport impossible. The major part of the transport was carried out by RoRo barge instead.

After all preparations (permits, technical calculations, preparation of the trailers, etc.) had been made, we took over the tank on May 12th, 2009. It was loaded on a 10-axle SPMT with turntable at the front, and 12-axle modular trailer with turntable at the back, using 4 mobile cranes.

During the night, the tank was transported to the so-called “Nato-ramp” in Kleve on the river Rhine. The next day, the vehicle was rolled on the RoRo barge “Brisbane” which left for Ludwigshafen a few hours later.

On May 16th, the „Brisbane” arrived at the Nato-ramp in Ludwigshafen. After laying the ramps, the tank was rolled off the barge and transported to the BASF site in Ludwigshafen, where it was unloaded later on using a girder frame crane.

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